Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Boy Scout is always prepared

But a Boy Scout with with a Dodge Viper GTS is even better prepared. As we all know there are numerous requirements for any race car but how many times do you ever hear of some of the following items being required... Spare tire and jack, tool kit. 2 red waring flags, first aid kit and don't forget 2 cervical neck collars, you know, the kind the paramedics place on you when you've done something bad. Well, these are just a few of the things on the "requirement list" that are mandatory in order to compete in the La Carrera Panamericana. It's important to remember many times we will be hours away from any sort of medical attention and that's if they find you down in some canyon right away. There may be times when the old saying, "Every man for himself" may apply so being prepared is important.

Speaking of spare tire and jack, I wanted something compact, light and easy to use so when I saw the jack and handle in my Dodge Viper complete with leather case I knew exactly what I was going to use. Today I tried it out just to make sure it raised the car high enough and it worked perfectly. And why wouldn't it? After all, the Shelby and the Viper are kissing cousins.

While Jon worked on some of the navigation and communication systems today I installed the fire extinguisher. Jon insisted it be near his seat right between his legs and I couldn't help but wonder why. Hmm.


Dave said...


I've been following the build of Lucky, completely impressed.

You may want to re-think the hand crank on your Viper jack. A hand-crank is painfully slow when you flat during a rally. For Gravel rallies most teams have moved to using a Cordless Impact Wrench for the fastest tire changes possible.

Should be able to use one with your Viper jack, just carry a socket for the jack, and a socket for the lugnuts.

For what it's worth, the added weight of the Impact wrench is worth the minutes it saves you with a flat.


Gary Faules said...


Thanks for the kudos. I'm glad you are enjoying it as much as I enjoy writing it.

As a matter of fact we are bringing a cordless impact gun to use with the Viper jack and I am amazed how light they build them nowadays. Thanks for the heads up. We'll take all we can get.

George Sullivan said...

we used an old hand crank jack and it worked fine hope fully you won't need to . Just have something you have confidence in and bring gloves because those damn tires are hotter than hell. I like the idea of the impact wrench.