Monday, September 17, 2007

Clutch putt

I don't mind telling you I feel like I'm trying to make a clutch putt to win the big golf tournament and my hands are tied. There is so little time between today and this weekend's test date and there are still several very important issues that need to be dealt with. Oh sure, if I don't make it this weekend I can always sneak out onto some of the best test tracks ever built.... California freeways! But I would prefer to get out on Infineon International Raceway which I consider to be one of my favorite home tracks, Laguna Seca and THunderhill being the others.

I am not satisfied with the way the clutch feels. Sure it's strong as hell and it's definitely feels like a racing clutch but I know something isn't right and I want it to be 100 percent. I also know there is something weird fuel delivery wise and there is a gremlin I will need to search out and destroy. The problem is, it's inconsistent making it difficult to know where to start looking and for what.

Besides those two issues, today was a major milestone day. One of the first major parts of this build was to research, design and install the total suspension package specifically set up for this very race. After all these months finally today the suspension was fine tuned, corner-weighted and aligned by non other than the best racing suspension shop in California, ROGER KRAUS RACING I don't mind telling you how happy they made me when they told me they were impressed with how well set up the car was and how straight everything was prior to their changes and adjustments. Anyone in Northern California wanting the best service you can possibly get with regards to dialing in suspension not to mention knowing what they are talking about this is the place. For what it's worth not only did they get the job finished in half the time they said they would but they also charged me considerably less than I had previously agreed to. Just good old honest gentleman.

Notice in the photos the before and after difference in the fender height. They did exactly as I requested by not setting the car as low as we would normally have it for the tracks here. We intentionally set it an inch and a half higher to help with the speed bump and whatever else runs across the road. Also there is a before and after photo of the trailer after Anthony got it looking much better. Thanks Anthony!

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