Friday, September 21, 2007

Is it right? Of course not.

There have been some last minute changes with regards to entries in this years La Carrera Panamericana in class Historic C which is the class we are competing in and the largest class in this years La Carrera Panamericana. Over a year we have built a car that had to meet specific requirements with respect to the rules set forth. One rule in particular was that no car newer than a 1965 would be allowed unless it was a car that didn't have any major changes from the previous year. For example, a 1966 GT350 was the same as a 1965. Like many others, there were many reasons I chose the specific car that I did but had I known that later model cars would have been legal I may very well have done some things different. For example, one of my favorite cars is my 1968 GT500 and it has factory adjustable lower control arms which the 65 does not just to name one advantage. But now, with less than 30 days until race day several cars that would NOT have been legal just a few weeks ago have been approved to run in this years race. Is it fair? Hey, it's their race. Is it right? Of course not. Should those who choose to be part of it feel good about it? I think it would be about as cool as being allowed to run a 79 Chevy Monte Carlo in the Monterey Historics. What happened to all the talk about TRADITION? I don't have a problem with rule changes but any responsible organization knows if rules are going to be changed you don't do them in the middle of a season let alone this late in the year. It is my opinion those cars should have been required to run in the Exhibition class and leave the time honored tradition rules untainted.

Well, that's enough controversy for now and besides it's all in fun, right? Riiight. On another note, how ironic that tomorrows test day is scheduled to be a wet one with 60 percent chance of rain. It seems fitting however considering Lucky came from my home state of Oregon and I'm sure he will feel just fine on the black and slippery.


Stan Gasnot said...

Hi Gary, I have been following your blog day by day, your car is looking good, sorry to hear this last minute change of rules, how did they announce it? by e mail or on the offcial website? what newer cars are being accepted?
I participated last year for the fisrt time as copilot in a Mustang 65, we had great fun, one thing I remember Julio (the famous police officer who you will surely meet, he has been helping since 20 years)if you finish the race with the car in 1 piece you have already won. Good luck.

Gary said...

Not cool to be changing eligibility rules so close to the event.

Gary Faules said...

They never even made a formal announcement. The only reason I found out was because I keep an eye on all my competitors and anything I can about them and one way was to keep an eye on the entries list that is only available to us competitors. Then a couple weeks ago all of a sudden a 67 Shelby GT shows up and today a 68 Shelby GT appears as well as a few other cars later than the rules allow. Like I said, if I had known I could build a car with some other features found in cars I already owned I may have made different choices. But when all is said and done, the truth is I like some controversy and besides, the car cannot win the race. The win will be earned by whoever is the better driver and whatever luck he brings along for the ride. I intend to bring both.

Can you believe that? I am told all year what's legal... then I build a car entirely around what is legal. Then after I'm done building it and 30 days before the race they tell others they can run cars in our class basically that have been illegal in this class since forever! By the way, how do you spell punt?

Gary Faules said...

PS, Stan which mustang did you copilot for?

Stan said...

Car 398