Friday, September 21, 2007

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Actually that's not really a lion sleeping. It's just Jon showing some of the guys how he expects to end up tomorrow after riding around a wet track with me driving. While he was there he thought it might be a good time to finish wiring up some of the camera and communication gear. We will finish the Terratrip at a later date.

Well, Ok so Lucky's a Cobra but the fact is he is resting on his trailer in my front yard anxiously awaiting tomorrow morning when we head out for Infineon International Raceway. I am more than familiar with Infineon (Still and always will be Sears Point to me) but Lucky has never seen it or any other track for that matter. My fingers are crossed that the shakedown will prove to be a good one that will result in finding what if any bugs that need addressing.

The weather has increased from 60 percent to 60 percent and windy. The good news is Infineon is one of the funnest tracks to run on when raining. The problem with that is, that slick tracks make it hard to drive hard and hear noises or feel things out so hopefully we will get a little of both. The bad news is it has some of the most unforgiving walls to be found. I had to laugh, one day Ron Cortez, owner of AIM TIRES that is headquartered at Infineon, and I were standing at turn 10 watching the American Lemans run. A Ponaz crashed into the big tire wall and it was messed up beyond repair. Another racer standing next to us said, "I didn't realize a tire wall could do so much damage." Ron began laughing and said, "Are you kidding me? The next time you have a chance walk out there and fell one of those tires. Those tires have been out there since the 60's. If you have a choice you are better off hitting the concrete walls than those tires."

So wish TEAM CALIFORNIA'S BEST as Jon and I take a ride around the track and hopefully like the song says, "The Lion Roars Tonight."