Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never too busy to remember 911

TEAM CALIFORNIA'S BEST would like to take a moment to remember those who are missed by many and for their families as well as those men and women who acted as heroes on that terrible day.

Today was huge! A lot got done today and actually it all started yesterday since it is now 4:00 am in the morning and I just got home. First of all the panard bar was welded in place and the rest was installed and adjusted. From there we welded in some of the power steering brackets that always need some strengthening and then we built the skid bar from hell! It is specifically built with the speed bumps in Mexico in mind in an effort to help protect the oil pan, headers, power steering hoses and so on. Then we installed the seat belts but before we did we welded in plates with threaded nuts in them instead of simply drilling holes in the floor and using washers. Another very cool job was using the fender well roller. Not only did it roll the fenders to eliminate the sharp edges of the fenders away from the tires but it flared the fenders substantially which makes for much better tire clearance.

Like I said, a lot was accomplished today and we even had some time to start spending some time on the trailer we will be using on this trip.


Carreratime said...

Last week I purchased a water/oil catch tank from DeltaBay Mustang, similar to the one pictured in your car. I like the compact use of space afforded by the dual purpose tank. While performing a simple pressure test (I blew in the hole) I noticed that air escaped from the opposite tank. Apparently the 2 sides are separated but not really sealed. I'm considering returning the tank for another one since I don't think oil and radiator water should mix! I may decide to keep it and attempt to epoxy seal it myself. You may want to check yours if that concerns you...

Gary Faules said...

Do the right thing and return it. I am sure that Tom will take care of you.

At the same time it's important to remember these are not overflow reservoirs but in fact "catch cans" that on race car applications do exactly what they are called. The "catch" waste that should be drained and disposed of.