Sunday, September 16, 2007

Speaking of rain coats

Yesterday I wrote our theory regarding whether or not to take a rain coat and what happens if you don't. Naturally it will rain. Thanks to Francisco Ortiz site these are the first photos I have found of the Jag that crashed last year that really shows how serious that crash was. It also caused the La Carrera Panamericana officials to begin enforcing stricter roll cage rules thus resulting in something positive. It's simply amazing that nobody was killed in this crash and I am glad to report the young man that was injured is reported to have made as a full recovery. It's no wonder one of the team was injured once you look at the windshield on the passenger's side.

On another note; Yesterday I got a very cool phone call from Michael Emery, another driver who has run in the La Carrera Panamericana as Team Lucha Libre Racing. Michael showed what real gentleman drivers are all about. Not only did he have some very nice things to say with respect to our blog and Lucky but he also offered to be of any assistance he could offer and told me all I had to do was ask. Thanks Michael and Team California's Best tips our hat to you. This is part of what I love about racing... camaraderie, sportsmanship and none of this, my (explicative) is bigger than yours way of thinking. Be sure to click on their name and check out their site as well as a great read.


ortizgarage said...

Hello Gary, thanks for the coments and we too are learning more english language. The sticker in my car is rom laguna seca race way, but only the sticker, we bougth it the last concurse of pebble beach and the race of the historics, saludos y los estamos esperando con gusto aca en Mexico.

Gary Faules said...

Where you here at Pebble Beach? That's very near to my house! I have many of those stickers and even some of the racing jackets they used to sell back in the 70's. Laguna Seca is one of my favorite tracks to race on and Jon and I have raced their many times. Did you know that the turn called "The Corkscrew" is the most photographed corner of all race tracks in the world?

Your English is very good but my Spanish is... well, I just don't know any and every time I try to speak Spanish the Senorita's slap me.

ortizgarage said...

yes I know the corkscrew , is a very dificult and pretty corner! congratulations for your racing jackets!!