Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The documentary cometh!

You may have noticed that we had a little interview with Gary in our last post. Well, that was a little hint of what we're finally able to announce publicly. We've secured the deal on the production of the documentary of our La Carrera Adventure. Strange Media, in association with Siris Media Productions and Access Video will be documenting the entire La Carrera event from within the Team California's Best camp.

The finished documentary will chronicle the entire process of building and running Lucky the Shelby in one of the worlds truly legendary races. We'll have an embedded camera crew with us during the entire event, filming everything in HD! That ought to bring it all to life. We're grateful to everyone involved for pulling this together, and look forward to the finished product. If you're interested in getting your own copy, let us know! We'll be happy to put you on the list and notify you when it's available.

We also have a major sponsorship announcement to make, but are working through some of the final details before we do that. We should have something more on that before the week is out.

In the meantime, enjoy a little taste of the in-car video we shot at Sears Point last weekend. Keep in mind that we were there to make sure everything ran right and nothing rubbed, fell off, leaked, etc. We never even came close to pushing what the car has to offer. Hang on...it's gonna be a wild ride!


ortizgarage said...

I want one! is a very good new, please put me in the list.

The Sporting Life Society said...

Thanks for the ride...very SWEET!

Carreratime said...

The documentary video deal is too cool. Lucky looks and sounds like a champion. And you seem in-touch with the car and spirt of the race. Best of luck to you and your team. It's so funny—I recently prepared a 1974 VW-Porsche 914 for the 24 hours of LeMons at Altamont Motorsports Park (we were Team LeMon Martini). It's the complete opposite of what you are doing! I mean, our car ended up looking the part, but with a $500 limit on the cost of the car, minus safety equipment, (we had about $2500 invested there) the similarities end pretty quickly. Please treat us to at least one more clip before the race!