Monday, October 25, 2010

What I Miss The Most

What I miss the most about this race is not knowing who's placing where in each and every class and who's moving up in each class and falling back.


Alana said...

Yes - extremely frustrating! I have the first page of Day 3 results off a fellow racers blog -- but it's hard to read (sorry!). I cannot believe they have not posted. Really bad form.

(Gary - tell me how to send/attach a file and I'll do so!).

Bill Overbaugh said...

I agree. It is incredibly frustrating. It's mid-day Monday, and we still have no idea how people finished yesterday.

It's nice to get little updates from people here and there, but without seeing that results sheet, you can't get a real sense for what's happening.

Anonymous said...

expect nothing different from LaC, in the years that I ran it we wouldn't even get the sheets to know starting order until 10 minutes b4