Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update After Tech

I have been getting good reports from several teams most of which are excited about the way things are going. For the most part tech and safety inspections are going well for most teams. As the MH team video shows, it pays to know your rules book and even better when you can substantiate it on the spot.

Via Lauren Scheller I got word from Carson that some cars the European teams had shipped have not made it there yet reportedly due to storms at sea but those teams are hopeful they will arrive tomorrow.

Geie Bledsoe reports, "Today we spent the day at the fairgrounds in Tuxtla registering for the race and preparing it for technical inspection. We started at 9 and finished around 6. We are now ready to test the car (new egine, new brakes) in the morning and then go to the track for a qualifying run. My new co-piloto is Mike Robinson from San Antonio, who has raced in Baja many times."

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