Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Only Thing I HATE About LCP

I have always been impressed with how well organized the whole event is but it's important to realize how much of what makes the whole process go so well for many of us from North America is two words... Gerie Bledsoe. But the one thing that just frustrates the living shit out of me is the ways teams are disrespected with regards to getting results. Yes I said "disrespect". Not only is it disrespectful to the teams who must stay up late at night to get the results when they should be resting or working on the car but they have to so they will know where to start the next day but in fact it's disrespectful to all their families and friends and sponsors back home who are wondering how they are doing. Family, fans, sponsors from all over the world typically do not know if their favorite team is even still in the race let alone how far up the ladder they have come. This takes away from the whole excitement of a race. It's like watching a race that has been recorded after someone has told you who wins or loses. There is nothing exciting about getting results of how everyone has done days after the race and sometimes not even until the race is over. The LCP organization really needs to get this taken care of.


Alana said...

Agreed! Super frustrating when the Mex Sports website has pictures up and the LCP doesn't have the results!

Vintage Customs said...

I agree completely! We sent a car down in 08 that won a+ an we sent another this year. Waiting for the details are almost unbearable. Be safe.

Daron Vintage customs

LScheller said...

I second that!!