Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Never Let The Subject Out Of Your Site

In 2007 when I raced in La Carrera Panamericana my very good friend Marcia was shooting some video of cars racing into a very sharp corner which required serious breaking. There was no room for error and should a driver make a mistake it would be a costly one considering there was no guard rail and a serious cliff on either side and that's if you miss the rock wall. As you watch Marcia's video you can see her shooting world famous Joe Rodriguez in his Volvo as he masters the corner perfectly. Right behind Joe is a BMW who appears to be trying just a little too hard to catch Joe as he comes into the corner. What's interesting (if not comical) is when you watch the BMW as Marcia saw it through her view finder you can see where she "assumed" the car would make the sweeping turn around the corner just like Joe Rodriguez did just seconds before. However you know what they say about assume. I crack up every time I think of Marcia asking herself... "Hey, were'd that BMW go?" When she looks back all there is are fresh skid marks off the edge of the cliff and a large cloud of dust.


mjb said...

Too much drinking and not enough carousing! lol! (Name's "Marcia" BTW..., =)

LScheller said...

two main causes of crashes in LCP #1 too mucho speed in DOWNHILL cornors
#2 loss of focus plus fatige in the AFTERNOON
stay safe amigos