Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do I Have Favorites?

You bet your ass I do. LOL. The truth is all of the entries are my favorites and after anyone has become involved with LCP they too will have the deep desore for them all to do well. But even though it's hard to have a favorite there is some cream that seems to float to the top. Some of that cream is my buddy Carson Scheller and his team.

KER-CHING!!! Carson and Shields SCORE!

Looking at the camera: Shields, Carson, Alex and not looking at camera: John and Chrislana Gregory and Stewart Robertson.

Late Edit; UPDATE: Lauren just got a call from Carson and more accurate results came in this morning. They DID NOT get first in class - they got a 1 minutes penalty (not sure from what) and are 2nd behind the Gregorys by only 30ish seconds. Like I said, NEVER be surprized.

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G. Morter said...

Congratulations to Bill Peter for putting the Corvette on the podium.
Not bad for a new car from cheeseland!