Friday, May 11, 2007

Five steps to good steering

Now Lucky's steering column is completed except for one last support bracket and brace. Today I installed the GRANT racing steering wheel along with a GRANT steering wheel quick release. This combination is exceptional for several reasons. First and foremost the quality of the quick release is far beyond any I have ever had. Regardless of who made them, every steering wheel quick release I have ever had has always had some movement/slop but there is none to be found with this one. Another outstanding feature about this specific application is that the spline bolts onto the shaft instead of needing to be welded like most others. By being bolted on instead of welding I can change the upper steering shaft bearing or turn signal switch should I ever need to and furthermore I will never have to worry about the weld breaking. Don't laugh, I have seen it happen. Most race cars do not require turn signal switches but in this race it does and using the factory switch really simplifies and sanitizes the entire installation.

As for today's title, what does all this have to do with five steps you ask? While I was typing this post my 11 month old grandson, Tyler Gene, just took his first steps. Not only did he take his first steps but I was lucky enough to get it on camera! Just think, today his first five steps... Before long he will be driving a race car. Thank God for this little gift from Heaven.

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