Friday, May 25, 2007

Finally we have tail lights!

This morning I finished installing the spindles, strut rods and sway bar and even the rear shocks. I am still waiting for the spring perches to be powder coated so I can finish installing the front springs and shocks. And check out those snazzy looking strut rod bushings in the top photo supplied by MAIER RACING ENTERPRISES. They're not just for looks. They allow the entire strut to move freely but lack the usual play that even polyurethane bushings have. For years I have built front ends on Mustangs but NEVER have I felt the front end suspension "work" like it does on this car thanks to Mike Maier's advise and products. Typically the front end of a Mustang gets the job done quite well but they usually feel like something that was meant to be part of a D-8 bulldozer. On the other hand the front end on this car feels more like a work of art or as if it was built to go on the space shuttle. I can't wait to be on the receiving end of the steering wheel once it's ready to dance. Hot damn!

It was nice to get some smaller items finished as well like the door sill plates to cover the wiring, some brake hose safety brackets and even the headlight switch is in and plugged into the wiring harness. And better yet the taillight lens are installed. YEAH!

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