Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rosana Rosanadana where are you?

Today as soon as some of my parts came on the UPS delivery I was on a roll getting things done one after another. First I made a new harness for the FUEL SAFE fuel sender as well as wiring for the dual electric fuel pumps that will run from the fuel cell area all the way to the dash. When I was finished with that I finished installing the heater control cables to the heater box. Then I finalized the installation of the WILWOOD RESIDUAL PRESSURE VALVES between the brake lines and the CNC master cylinder.

For some crazy reason I was excited about getting the new taillight housings and seals installed so that I could install the taillight lens and bezels. Everything was moving along perfectly and the last thing I had to do was install the eight tiny screws that hold the bezels onto the housing and wouldn't you know it, there were no screws in the kit. If that wasn't bad enough they are some special headed screw that even the hardware store didn't have in stock. Damn... so close and yet so far away. By the way, never walk into a shop full of guys and say, "I need a screw." Once again I was on he horn with DELTA BAY MUSTANG and once again Tom said "No problem." and once again Lucky sits with no taillights. Rosana Rosanadana of Saturday Night Live fame said it best, "It's always something."

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