Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Grab a hand full of this

Today besides some miscellaneous and minor details I installed the rear valance as well as the rear quarter panel extensions. Be sure and notice the inserts that I installed in the rear vallance so that a licsense plate will be installed. I still have to chuckle everytime I remember per the rules this will be a registered and legal car that can be driven on public highways.

On other topics today I received a call from Mike Maier from MAIER RACING ENTERPRISES. Mike had built me some custom spring saddles where the coil springs seat onto the upper control arms complete with bushings so that they will work the way good suspension is supposed to. Almost all suspension when new is too tight thus has a difficult time freeing up the suspension to perform up to our standards. When it comes to good race suspension free moving is good... Loose is bad. VERY bad. Mike's father Bill Maier used to build a similar part back in the days when he ran the Trans-Am circuits but before releasing them to me Mike built a prototype and installed them in one of his autocross cars and went and ran some races over the weekend. He says they are the hot set up and after he puts some finish touches on them like lube fittings they will be ready next week along with the entire front and rear suspension package.

Included in the all inclusive custom built package will be;

Shocks front and rear.
Upper and lower control arms with reinforcement.
Front and rear sway bars.
Spring saddles.
Strut rod bushings.
Front coil racing springs.
Rear rear leaf racing springs.
Rear adjustable panhard rod assembly.
Urethane bushing kits throughout and new U-bolts.
Shackle kits.
Adjustable rear end angle alignment shims.
And a few more goodies but if I told you everything then I would have to shoot you.

Why is it for every item I finish I have to order 10 other things?
Along with these miscellaneous parts will be the original Shelby Quick Steer idler and pitman arms used on the original GT350 R model Shelbys and powered by a Coleman Racing power steering pump system.

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