Sunday, May 06, 2007

Day at the track

Even though I love running Sears Point (Infineon) in the rain, yesterday the weather couldn't have been better. Lots of friends, fast cars and an awesome barbecue if I do say so myself. I started cooking at 4 pm and didn't finish until 8:30. NASA spares no expense for their famous Saturday night barbeque's booze included and it's free for one and all. There was more than enough for over 500 that lined up.

Besides the barbecue and track time there was lots to do. I spent some quality time with my son and my friend Jerry Kunzman, owner of NASA, up in the tower as they directed all the racing and managing what seemed like an unusually high amount of towing for one reason or another. Jerry had flown in just for the weekend from his sabbatical in Japan so we could share the day together and then he goes back. Thanks Bro. Little did I realize when my son was a little boy and was playing in the back yard trying to run down Cobra the family cat with his electric Big Foot truck that he would someday be the race director for a major race venue. He sure is an inspiration.

I was pleased to spend some time with Gerie Bledso the North American La Carrera Panamericana director as well. Gerie stayed pretty busy instructing in his new bright red Vette but he is always a gentleman who finds time to talk racing. There were some La Carrera cars in attendance as well but it seemed like every time I walked over to say hi, they were getting in their cars to get on the track so I never got to meet them. Maybe next time. Speaking from lots of experience I'm happy to report Gerie has a very good handle on Sears Point. Good seeing you Gerie.

I was sure bummed out all day because I wanted to see the Nascar race so I could see if Jeff Gordon can keep up the pace he has been on. The good news is that when I got home last night I found out the race had been canceled due to rain and so the race will be run on Sunday! How ironic... I was walking around all day in a T-shirt and never had even a remote clue that the race would be rained out. Will got in some seat time in the new SIRIS MEDIA Spec Miata that Jon and him are building for a run at this years national championships. The little car ran great considering it was just a shakedown run to get things sorted out before going to be painted. The only thing that could have made the day better would have been if Jon was there. All in all the entire day was one of relaxing, meeting up with old friends and proof that racing cars is such a fine way to spend ones free time and more importantly for some of us a way of life.

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