Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

If I had half a mind and if I thought it would do any good I would be screaming and as the picture shows this is what I would like to be doing to someone today. I have been waiting for three weeks for some parts which for the most part are semi hard to get. I was calling the (supposedly)Mustang specialty shop on a regular basis and each time I was told, "Your order was sent and some things are back ordered." or I was told, "I will call them and check with them and I promise to call you back later." Finally I called on Tuesday and they said, "Hey, we lost your phone number but your parts are in." You mean the same one I gave you about a dozen times? So I drove down this morning to pick everything up and what a joke. What was supposed to be an 80 part order turned out to be about 5!!! Then they had the nerve to tell me, "The rest of the stuff is still on back order."

I went back to my office and got on the phone with MUSTANGS PLUS and ordered all of the items they had to offer. Then with the rest of my list which was either hard to get, Shelby specialty parts or obsolete parts I gave Tom a call at DELTA BAY MUSTANG. As simple as that every single one of my parts are on their way. This guy Tom (The Good) is as awesome as they get and unlike the typical sales attendant that all too often answers the phone at these places Tom really knows his stuff. I LOVE it when I can begin describing a part and he knows before I'm finished what I'm talking about. If you need any Mustang or Shelby parts call Tom at DELTA BAY MUSTANG

The last thing I did was call the other place whom we will call "The Bad" and cancel my original order.

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