Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Running on a treadmill

I often ask myself why people run on a treadmill when they can run outside. Peresonally I hate it when I am trying to do something and feel like I'm getting nowhere. Isn't that the defintion of a treadmill?

That's the way I have felt for the last couple days. Trying hard but getting nowhere. But finally today a few more pieces of the puzzle came together. The battery box is finally installed as well as the main battery cables up to the engine compartnment as well as the saftey/kill switch. I also made a cool looking face plate and installed the main ignition and starter switches.

Then it was off to Maier Racing Enterprises to pick up almost all of my front and rear suspension. Talk about a kid in a candy store. (Tool man grunt) Tomorrow some of my crew is going to help remove the old rearend and leaf springs and install the new ones. The new rearend housing is all cleaned and painted as well as all new axle bearings. Depending on how late we work we may find time to install the Maier Racing adjustable panhard bar.

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