Friday, May 18, 2007

Houston... We have ignition. Vroom Vroom

Funny but it seems I find more satisfaction in some of the small issues more so than I do large ones. For example, I know that my engine will be nothing short of perfection and I know my suspension is exactly what the doctor ordered for our application and again, nothing short of nirvana. On the other hand there are many nights I wake up asking myself, "How should I hook up that thing-a-ma-jig? Which way should I run the hoses or hey, what if I did it this way?" Many times I find myself contemplating various ways of designing a better mouse trap only to settle for what has worked so well and tried and true. The same thing was happening with my many ideas for the ignition/starter switch. I thought of various switch boards found in all the regular catalogues. Then I wondered about various locations that I had seen in other cars or articles ranging all over the car from the dash to the console area and even overhead for a few seconds. It's true what they say about us Virgos. Nothing short of perfection will do and it often drives me crazy but usually the end result finds me extremely satisfied. In this case the simplicity of a simple but efficient bezel located where the original ignition switch used to be seems all too perfect. Like I said, the smallest things seem to be the most satisfying.

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