Friday, May 04, 2007

Fast cars, fast food and fast friends

What an unbelievable day... Paris Hilton is told by the judge she will serve 45 days and then he took away all her possibilities of getting off easy with electronic monitoring, jail time in Beverly Hills style jails and all of the above. No sir, she's going to a plain old dirty jail cell. Never thought I would see the day but I am glad to see the judge dish it out. I don't care who you are, drink and drive and you go to jail THAT's reality Miss Hilton.

And how about that Jeff Gordon! Yet another pole for the Californian home boy! Is he on a hot streak or what! NASCAR

While I am waiting for some parts to arrive I find myself with more than enough detail work to complete. There are more than enough items that need attention as I find myself installing new fasteners for everything from brake lines as well as new brake metal lines and electrical fasteners and simple items such as heater/defroster cable adjustment fasteners. What's that? You say you have a heater in a race car? You bet I do. There will be times in the jungle of south Mexico near the Guatemala border not to mention those long, cold and rainy stints during the 25 Hours Of Thunderhill when the defroster is man's best friend. But there are other important reasons for having a heater as well. The extra supply of water in the cooling system can help make a difference in keeping the engine run just a little bit cooler.

This week I was able to finalize installing the clutch/brake pedal assembly and I also had the underside of the car undercoated in hopes it will help deflect heat away from the cab thus helping the driver and navigator comfort level.

Time to take a break for the weekend and run up to the track at Sears Point (Infineon as the corporate crowd would call it) for the weekend. What could be more appropriate than a barbecue with a few hundred friends at one of the most beautiful tracks in the U.S. that sits right in the middle of the Napa wine country? I can guarantee you that nobody throws a better barbecue than the ones NASA provides all the racers every Saturday evening after a long day of racing. I also enjoy watching my son race as well as seeing him run the NASA race events as he is the acting race director and Gerie Bledso is having a few La Carrera gang over for some track time. If I'm lucky I may get in a few laps with my son in Jon's new Miata. Then I will be helping out at the NASA Saturday evening barbecue. What a great way to pass the day... Getting out on the track, friends, fast cars, food and ale.

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