Friday, May 18, 2007

How loooow can you goooo?

Even with tiny little 14 inch tires and without the shock absorbers bolted in now that the rear suspension is in place these photos clearly show that the car is considerably lower than it was with the old suspension and it's going be even lower when the front end is back up where it belongs. If you look at the photo on top you can clearly see that Lucky's height is exactly the same as the GT350 R Models in the Shelby American factory photo from 1965. Poor ole Lucky had seen some rough times it seems. He had worn out old leaf springs with leaf spring helpers added and when we removed the original shackles three of the four were broken. Now Lucky is beginning to feel and look like a young tiger that's crouched ready to attack as his rear end is now settling down where a GT350 R Model belongs. It won't be long until his rear claws crab a bunch of asphalt and spring out with a roar.

I have some more secrets planed for the suspension since there are some serious obstacles waiting for us in Mexico and we will not be caught with our pants down.

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