Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Can you hear me now? We are now an authorized AVCOMM dealer.

Clear, concise communication between driver and navigator is one of the big keys to succeeding in a rally format race like the La Carrera. The driver has got to hear exactly what the navigator is telling him, and trust that what he hears is accurate. Heading over a blind crest at 120MPH is no time to be saying “what did you say?”

When deciding where to source the in-car communications system for our Shelby GT350R project we did a lot of research, and talked to a lot of experienced rally racers. There was one name that kept popping up – AVCOMM. Since 1992, AVCOMM has manufactured and distributed quality headsets, intercoms, and accessories for aviation and racing, and come highly recommended by many of the experienced racers we spoke with. So we contacted Roger Lords at AVCOMM in Las Vegas, and hit the Jackpot.

Prior to becoming part of AVCOMM Roger spent many years preparing off road trophy trucks for competition, including assuring that their communications systems were in perfect working order, so he clearly understands the requirements we have. On top of that Roger is a HUGE Shelby fan. Could it be any better? Somethings were just meant to happen. After speaking with Roger for some time, we have designed what we feel is the perfect system for our communication needs.

We will be running their AR550 intercom system, along with new helmet kits and in-car cables for driver, navigator, and interfaces for our car-to-crew radio system, our in-car video system, and even cell phone and iPod for those transit stages where we can mosey along to the sounds of our favorite music, and even call our families to let them know how things are going in the wilds of Mexico. We’ll be able to use any of these communications systems with our helmets or headsets on. Simple, elegant, and perfect for our needs.

Needless to say AVCOMM is taking very good care of us, and we want to in return take very good care of them. We will be running AVCOMM logos on the car for all of the events it enters, and will be promoting them any chance we get. We are now also an authorized AVCOMM dealer, so we can provide you with the best in headsets, intercoms, and accessories for your in-car or car-to-crew communications needs. Go to AVCOMM to see the broad range of quality products and accessories they offer, and contact us at radios@sirismedia.com for more information and pricing. We’ll provide you with the best prices on the best equipment in the industry.

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