Friday, May 11, 2007

Highs & Lows

Today is one of those mixed emotions day. Life is often like being in a boat at sea in that there are moments we are up and there are those when we are down. Racers are like everyone else in that we share the same highs and lows. All of our emotions are gauntlets we must endure and the race cars must take a back seat at times while we reflect on what really matters... Our Family, Our Friends, Our Health and Our Beliefs.

It's ironic that as my wife and I celebrate our first grandson who is 11 months old taking his first steps on the same day that my brother is morning the loss of his first grandson who was supposed to turn 17 but was killed when he hit a tree while doing over 100 miles per hour this last week. Our prayers are with my brother and my nephew and their families.

Another downer is the sad news that one of our outstanding team members will not be able to join us for this adventure to Mexico and he will be sorely missed as a result of some back pains. Speaking of irony, on the other side of the gauntlet is the fact that his absence has made it possible for another favorite team member to share in the adventure. Mike, thank you for your sacrifice and all that you bring to the table. You will not be left behind and in spirit you will be with us every mile of the journey.

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