Friday, July 17, 2009

Qualifying; Times Aren't Important... Results Are

While he didn't turn in the fastest times during the first two days of practice Paul Dallenbach wasn't worried nor should he be. In fact Paul was focused on doing what others should have been doing. Instead of worrying about fast times Paul continued to focus on testing which tire and set-up would perform best under the many various circumstances. After all, there is no such thing as pole position and the bottom line is the fastest time on Sunday takes home all the glory.

Speaking from experience what Paul has been doing is exactly how a true champion goes about preparing his ride. Some years ago I stood back for what seemed like an eternity as one of my drivers sat and stared at some tires contemplating which ones to put where on the car. As race time got close I finally told him, "Hey, it's a no brainer. You need to put on "the good tires" so you can get on pole." He looked back and said, "I'm not trying to figure out how to win the pole... I'm figuring out which tires will win the race." Point well taken and I have the exact same hunch that is exactly what's going on in Paul Dallenbach's mind too.

Oh and by the way... This being the last day of practice Paul turned in the fastest times today. As a matter of fact, he spanked the entire field. Thanks to intellegent planing and preperation, now the stage is set. Go get'em Paul!

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