Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Oly Express

After Hershel won the very first La Carrera Panamericana he began winning just about everything in the United States but then he overheard someone talking about a little ole race over in Europe better known as The 24 Hours Of Le Mans so in the true McGriff fashion he said, "Why not?".

Hershel's father was a preacher and when he found out Hershel was sponsored by Oregon's own Olympia Brewing Company undrstandably he wasn't very happy about it. I suppose Hershel may have figured the farther away from home he was with the car the happier his father would be so he packed up the Oly Express and headed off for the 1976 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Below are a few photos of Hershel at LeMans both back in 1976 and one from when he returned many years later. Whats amazing about Hershel's car is that it has a huge following in Europe so much so that the car is even cloned by those who worship the car.

Here are a couple videos complete with that awesome charger music of Hershel's Le Mans Olympia Dodge Charger racing at Nürburgring.

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docford said...

And the OLY EXPRESS will run again at Le Mans Classic next year! See you there on July 8-9-10 2010