Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lord, Please Don't Take Me Now... I Still Have Another Race.

I had to laugh... While at Mass this evening the priest was talking about of all things, returning home to be buried. After Mass he asked me why the smirk on my face so I told him about Hershel McGriff. The more I thought about it the funnier it seemed. While a lot of men return home at the age of 81 only to be buried Hershel returned home not only to take part in a Nascar race but in fact to run 13th overall. I guess you could even say Hershel buried a few of them young bucks today the track and they have been running the entire season.

I know for a fact that some optimist couldn't help but wonder if Hershel could come back after his bad break at Infineon and asked if it got him down enough that it would cause him to have self doubt? But the results are in folks and it proves once again that once a champion always a champion. Not only did he bounce back but he did so with a vengeance and kicked butt and took names while doing it.

It's amazing Hershel had time to do anything since every time he turned around there was a camera stuck in his face. Oh the price for good looks.

Anyone who watched the race will tell you it was a blood bath. There was a filed of rookies, proven champions and on top of it all this was a seasons championship event so all the marbles were on the table and let me give you some facts about this race. There were 5 cautions for 23 laps, 7 cars not running at the end and the scheduled 63lap race went 66 laps with a green/white/checkered. During the last 20 laps at one point Hershel was up to 4th overall and there where cars off the track at every part of the course some from over-driving, some crashing, body contact and more but the best part of all... NOT ONCE did Hershel spin or go off proving he's still got it. And trust me when I say, that has nothing to do with luck.

Hershel getting mentaly ready.

Prior to this event the only driving Hershel has done in years was a little track time with our good friend Bob Bondurant (not in a race car) then one day of testing in his brand new car prior to heading up to Infineon for very little time in his car. While at Infineon there were some carburetor problems which made for a poor practice session which caused an understandable setback for qualifying. Then one day of testing at Thunderhill which really has nothing whatsoever in common with PIR other than making sure Hershel's butt began remembering what it should feel like. From there it was on up to Portland and from what I saw of the race Hershel's butt was beginnging to feel pretty damn good.

Hershel's pit board. Looks like his wife Sherrie.

During today's race at PIR, one of the track announcers said, "Man, look at McGriff move up. Ya know Hershel only signed up for three races but I am thinking he should sign up for all of them. Any of these young drivers who may have thought they would just drive around him are surely giving that a second thought right about now."

Nope, Hershel isn't going to be buried.. he too damn busy racing cars. Now I cant wait to see Hershel move up at the Utah race. GO HERSHEL!

Wanna ride along around PIR with Hershel?

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