Friday, July 17, 2009

Off With His Head!

According to Kirstin's Blog WTF earlier report that the #422 1995 Subaru Impreza STI that was rolled during a transit section was inaccurate. It was not rolled by driver Brian Moody but instead by a crew member who was taking the car back down the mountain and made the idiotic decision to play "Mr Drifer" and now the team has to pay the price. If I were that crew member I would go back to the top of the mountain and jump off.

Kirstin also posted a photo of Chip Johns Falcon which had suffered a bent front wheel and front end suspension but reports he should be ready for Sunday race. Good luck Chip.

Our buddy Dean Smith who is navigating for the 52 Desoto Firedome 8 poses with Chip's car.

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Stewart

Engine parts for Mark Rennison of England who drives the #200 1984 Ford RS 200 arrived in Denver Thursday and will be installed Friday. His engine broke down early Wednesday and he managed to complete only four corners of his first practice run before his car’s engine stalled and did not make any runs on day three.

Something broke within the engine — already the spare — and Rennison said the crew will work through the night Wednesday to ready for practice today.

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