Friday, July 10, 2009

Wanna Tag Along With La Carrera Panamerticana?

Pan Am Tour

Don’t want to drive your Testarossa down to Mexico? You can take other options.

First option.- If you want the whole Tour package: Fly into Laredo, Texas on Friday, October 16 and hop a ride in a service vehicle down to San Miguel. CLICK HERE FOR SAN MIGUEL de Allende photos.

In SMA Rosa Maria Mondragón Fiesco will pick you up for the trip on down to Oaxaca and Hautulco with the convoy and schedule your return from there on Friday,October 30.

Then Rosa Maria will drive you back to Laredo along the route of the Pan Am the cost will be $1,995 US Dollar for each person.

Second option.- If you want the short Tour package: fly into México City, starting Wednesday, October 21, exit to Huatulco very early in the morning and schedule your return from there on Friday, October 30. If you go with the Rosa Maria's tour during La Carrera itself, the cost will be $1,395 US Dollar for each person. It will be exciting.... guaranteed.

Rosa Maria is the former P.R. director for the LCP 10 years and ten-time co-piloto in the actual event. She is also a licensed rally driver, so she knows how to get you close to the action. Her unique talents are especially valuable to photographs and family members who want to be close to the racing action.

You must, of course, bring your passport, but that is the only document you will need, other than a Mexican tourist visa. We also do not expect swine flu to be a problem in October, either.

To have a comfortable trip only 3 people by each car, she will have space for only six people. Do not wait to sign up.

She will also provide something of an adventure!

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