Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And For Todays Highs & Lows

On one hand I am really excited about Hershel's race at Portland International Raceway this weekend but on the other hand I never really realized how much I was going to miss running in this years Pikes Peak International Hill Climb until right now. Even as I sit here typing this post the Vintage class are practicing the top section of the mountain. While I'm excited for all of them I am recalling an old saying my father used to use... "I wish I was there racing and I wish they all had a feather in their butt and we'd all be tickled to death." As soon as I hear any news I'll get it posted.

Besides keeping tabs on the Vintage class cars I will also be watching the progress of a friend of mine who is returning in an attempt to break the 10 minute barrier and there is a very good chance he might just pull it off. His name is Paul Dallenbach and one reason Paul believes he can break the record is because of a major change in this year's set up, that being new tires. Apart from being an avid racer, Paul is a much sought after stunt driver for TV and movies and you may have seen one since he was the driver of the awesome Ford GT commercial that was filmed at Thunderhill Raceway.

Ford GT commercial driven by Paul

Paul is the youngest member of the famous Dallenbach Racing Family. His racing career has been showered with trophies and accolades from his peers. Paul actively campaigns #98, a 750 horsepower, hand built, open-wheel hill climb car and is a 3-time Overall Champion and 5-time Division Winner and will return to Pikes Peak this week for one last run in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Since 1989, Dallenbach has participated in the race an astounding 14 times and is considered
one of the most popular racers.

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Control HidrĂ¡ulico y Automatizacion said...

I wish the PPHC would be transmited live on TV here in Mexico. My cable company got the speed channel out months ago, I dont know if they show it live there. I have seen Paul work. I own the Rides dvds, and "the one" commercial and the behind the scenes are in the extra features. It would be cool if he could race the hill in the Ford GT though. Dont be down Gary, there is always next year.