Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Word "Timid" Is NOT In Hershel's vocabulary.

If you think for a second that this is just some old fart running a few races to full fill some sort of middle age crisis as if that's even possible at 81, then think again. Hershel McGriff has no intention of going 90 percent just to make a showing. However he does have every intention of winning the race and proved it by showing that he still knows how to push the edge of the envelope as can be seen in the following photo.

Funny isn't it... A lot of fans may see this photo and remark, "Oh my God, is Hershel all right!" while racers say, "Hot damn, that Hershel has no fear and is NOT afraid to use the pedal on the right!" Looks bad but the car only suffered some small cosmetic damage and will be ready for qualifying today.

Even funnier was Hershel's remark when he returned to the pits and laughingly said "Hey a row of tires jumped out in front of me." Not only is Hershel doing great but he's having a blast doing it and isn't that the way it should be?

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