Sunday, July 12, 2009

To Give Is Better Than To Recieve LCP Style

If there is one thing I enjoy even more than racing it is giving or doing for others and there seems to be a lot of that going on within the La Carrera Panamericana fraternity. I have been most fortunate to have witnessed this numerous times and one fine example of what I'm talking about is one I found written by Doug Mockett and how one man made a difference in so many other's lives.

Electricity and a Refrigerator Come to a Mexican Village. (Taken from Doug's News.)

Every year that the Carrera Panamericana starts in Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of the southernmost, and poorest, Mexican state of Chiapas, we have always helped Prof. Jorge Morales Ramos, a good guy who runs a charity named "Enviame a Mi" ("Save Me"), dedicated to the "Education, Food, Health and Housing" of the poor of Chiapas. So last month when we arrived there was Prof. Ramos - with his big smile and with a special request - would we donate a refrigerator to Enviame a Mi?

Of course we would. He went on to explain how a village they serve had just received electricity. The refrigerator would be a huge hit for a village that never had one. I guess when we are used to virtually every convenience, this concept is a shock. A small donation that has made a big difference. The pictures explain better than any words.

Our own Oscar Carrillo loading the refrigerator in Tuxla.

The road to the village a 2-hour drive over a mountain range to a far valley.

Oscar fell off the truck! Deep into the mud!

Unloading the refrigerator.

Happy kids with the village’s first refrigerator.

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