Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hershel was put a lap down due to a car modification prior to the race (had to change carb) but after a few laps he got the first Lucky Dog. The bad news is the pace car did not allow him to get his entire lap back before the next green flag. But already after 12 laps Hershel is back up to 17th place and all this while they are seting record lap times at PIR!!!

EDIT; Now under yellow and Hershel is up to 13th!

EDIT; Hershel is up to 7th!

EDIT; 5th!!!

EDIT; After pit stops lap 24 Hershel 13th.

EDIT; PIR Live screen overloaded and cant watch!!!

EDIT; 45 laps and Hershel in 15th place but there was a car that hit the tire wall so hard they are having to repair wall under caution. 18 laps to go.

EDIT; 14 laps to go Hershel in 15th.

EDIT; Hershel makes a pass into 14th on first lap after restart.

EDIT; After Hershel became down a lap he get's his 2nd lucky dog.

EDIT; Only 2 laps left and LOTS of crashing and battles. Cars off everywhere which has helped Hershel move up to 11th place on the lead lap!!! Getting ready for a green/white checkered!!! GO HERSHEL!

EDIT; Still under yellow. It's going to be a hell to pay finish!!!

EDIT; Largest NASCAR turnout ever at PIR.

EDIT; Lights out on pace car and Hershel is in 9th!

EDIT; Hershel runs an awesome race finishing in 13th!!!

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