Thursday, August 16, 2007

Up late but worth the effort

My son dropped by late this afternoon and we worked on the car until about one in the morning. I really enjoyed having him around and we made a lot of progress. So many "little" things take so much time when you want it "perfect". Most parts of a car will simply bolt on and for most daily applications that would be good enough. But I tend to try things on, step back and analyze them and I keep asking myself, "What if....." and that's when I start making things stronger, more clearance, re-route hoses or wires, etc and so on.

At any rate we removed the other headers and installed the new ceramic coated Tri-Y headers and now the clutch linkage is absolutely perfect!!! These are the exact same headers Carrol Shelby used on the GT350 R Models and they are known for there outstanding low end torque for quicker launches! They also make it easier to get to the spark plugs and it will even make things better for the spark plug wires as well. During the process of installing the headers we installed the Lakewood Scatter shield and the McLeod clutch which need to be installed while one header is loose. The bottom line is it turned out much better. We did install the transmission but only for a moment because I want to have it out of the car while assembling the new Hurst shifter and linkage since it makes for a much better job of getting the adjustments exactly perfect.

After that was out of the way we installed the new carb and then began bolting up the power steering pump so that we could shim it up so that everything is now perfectly aligned with the pulleys. Then we hung the alternator brackets. There are two large threaded holes in the cylinder heads that are going to require some sort of step-down so I will pick those up tomorrow.


George Sullivan said...

Sounds like it is all coming together quite nicely. I'll bet you can't wait to drive it!!

Gary Faules said...

George, I am sure you know the feeling of I can't wait for the day it's finally loaded on the trailer. Then and only then will I know it's finally finished, tested and ready for war.