Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Actually Brace Lucky would be more like it but less dramatic of a title. Today I installed the TCP Shock Tower Brace Kits. During cornering and braking most car's chassis have a tendency to flex a great deal, allowing unwanted changes in overall handling performance. TCP's Shock Tower Brace kit is designed to help eliminate unwanted flex. A stiffer chassis provides sure and predictable handling during the most demanding of situations like many of those found both on the race course as well as in Mexico.


George Sullivan said...

Always expect the unexpected down there we found that out. Looks like the car is getting ready to rock and roll. Tom and I took the Volvo out for a test drive and did a video of it I hope to post it this weekend the car is running really good. The exhaust system will take the worst beating of all on the Topes try to plan for that.
Good Luck

Gary Faules said...

I was born expecting the unexpected. LOL. After all I was a twin.

Yep, this bad boy is about ready to rumble!

Glad to hear your car is running good. I enjoy watching various videos that include it when you ran last year. I am looking forward to the video!

By the way... What exhaust? LOL.