Saturday, August 18, 2007

So what do you eat when building a car for La Carrera Panamericana

Next door to my facility where I am building Lucky there is one of the best Mexican Restaurants in Mountain View. This evening while I was working on Lucky the owner of the restaurant stopped by to check out the car. When she found out I hadn't eaten my dinner yet she ran over to her restaurant and came back with Chili Colorado, beans, rice and tortillas. Yummy!

Today was an awesome day with a sense of accomplishment! Oh sure you may laugh but let me tell you even though it may not sound like I did much I felt a large sense of relief when I was done today.

I had to laugh when I opened the box with the new radiator cap and read FOR RACING USE ONLY on it. Heaven forbid anyone should get caught with one of their daily driver.

On the list of things I got done today are the fan belts, alternator wiring harness installed, heater hoses, radiator, radiator hoses, oil cooler mounted and ready for plumbing, transmission finished including the installation of the shifter and shifter linkage and finally the clutch linkage. Yes, Lucky actually has a working clutch now. YIPPEE!!! Then I installed the spark plug wires but I still need to install the wiring harness for the distributor, the knock sensor and the adjustable timing control and then install the dual coils and wire them up.

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Gary said...

It's looking good...I'll bet if all goes well, there will be video of it running before the day is out today!