Friday, August 31, 2007

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin... RAWHIDE!

This build is at the point that is reminiscent of the same excitement as we had recently when our grandson Tyler began to walk. At first it was "Boy am I excited... When will he crawl?" Then it was, "Why does he only crawl backwards?" Then, "How much longer?" and now it's, "How in the hell can we keep him out of stuff!"

It's comforting knowing that Lucky is almost ready to "walk" and before long hopefully the key word will be "Run" and what could be more of a run than 3000 kilometers of twisted road in Mexico? There really isn't too much left but on the other hand time isn't one of those commodities so tension is still high on the list.

Today I will be driving over to DELTA BAY MUSTANG to pick up a few goodies I have ordered and new set of VINTAGE wheels to try out. It seems that when AMERICAN RACING had the new Torque Thrust D wheels cast they changed the molds slightly which has resulted in the off-set being off more than half an inch. Once I get the new wheels I will be able to confirm this. If there's one thing I hate it's wheel rub. The last thing I need is to be going into a corner at 140 and lose my focus by being distracted... "What's that noise?"

Since we are required to have both American and Mexican insurance yesterday BAJABOUND.COM took care of all our Mexican insurance requirements for the tow rig, trailer and car so that's one more important item taken care of. Their service was excellent and they really took good care of me. I had to laugh... When taking cars across the Mexican border it's ok to tow a trailer but nobody is allowed to take two cars if they are both owned by the same person. They are concerned that one may be left behind in Mexico so I registered Lucky in my son's name for that reason. What cracked me up was when the insurance lady told me I will need a "letter of permission" from my son saying it's ok for me to take the car into Mexico!!! Now that's putting the shoe on the other foot. "Hey son, can I please take the car for a drive? I'm just going out for a few days and I promise to be careful."


Carreratime said...

Great event. Great blog. I'm building a 1964 Falcon Sprint-although I don't plan on doing more than local Wednesday night drags at Infineon and the California Melee rally with it. Your blog has turned out to be a good resource for me since the cars share so much DNA. I was also about to buy a set of the Torque Thrust Ds. Since I have relocated the rear suspension and plan to narrow the rear end a little (to make room for more tire) I shouldn't have the body rub issue you mentioned. Want to sell the wheels (w/wo the tires) you have? Again, great blog.

Gary Faules said...

Thanks Steven. Glad you enjoyed the site. As a matter of fact, today I was at Delta Bay Mustang in Brentwood but he also specializes in Falcons and is a great resource. I have decided to keep the Americans but if you need some let me know and I may still be able to get some at a great price. Love the California Melee and that's coming up very soon. I have had a few Falcons in my day and love them, my favorite was a 64 with a 289 and Paxton Supercharger.

Carreratime said...

Hi Gary, Yes, I'm interested in getting a good price on the American Torque Thrust Ds. The best price I've found so far has been $170 each. I'm laso interested in what you are going to do for seats in the Shelby R. I've talked to the guys at Delta Bay on several occasions but they never seem to have the Falcon items I'm looking for. I usually find parts through Mustangs Plus, Opentracker Racing, Dearborn Classics, and Falcon Enterprises. Email me at carreratime(at symbol) (this way the robot trolls can't get me automatically) and we can exchange contact info. I'm in the east bay area—probably not too far from you.