Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pulleys And Wires

There's not much a guy can do when waiting for the engine. Oh sure you can twiddle your thumbs, look thru the catalogues finding more ways to spend your money, or help the little lady clean the kitchen.... NOT! I chose to pick up some items I knew I was going to need. One thing I picked up today was a set of plug wires I had ordered. They are MOROSO ULTRA 40 RACE WIRES, the most powerful and RFI/EMI resistant ignition wire available for racing today – bar none! From dual-mag Fuelers and high-compression Comp Cars, to the demands of Nextel Cup Racing, Moroso Ultra 40 establishes a new standard for ignition wire performance that has the competition scrambling to catch up!

They have a Kevlar® core, four times stronger than other aramid fiber cores which allow them to increase the tensile strength of the wire while reducing its center diameter and that enables them to increase the surrounding insulation, resulting in greater dielectric strength.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I have seen guys build expensive engines only to hear about engine misfires created by nothing more than a plug wire. Many times it's simply because they didn't spend enough time making sure they are never going to get near a hot header but more often than not it's because they let the "B" word interfere. Taking into consideration the rough duty this car will require for a race like the La Carrera Panamericana with high ambient and engine temps, the better the plug wire the less need to worry about them.

Speaking of high temps I also picked up a special set of pulleys for the water pump, crankshaft and a very special pulley for the alternator. Another reason for this special set of pulleys is because Lucky is going to have power steering thus an extra belt groove for the power steering belt. The water pump and crankshaft pulleys are made from billet aluminum but the hi-po alternator pulley is made from solid steel. The hi-po alternator pulley was an original piece of equipment on the GT350 R model engines and it is considerably larger in diameter than stock pulleys. The purpose of the larger diameter was to reduce an overcharging alternator at high speed. Many have rookie engine builders/racers have made the mistake of buying the same size pulley with the exception that they get it in aluminum to make the others on the engine for that "trick" look. The big problem with that is aluminum alt pulleys allow the fan belts to slip and who wants that when you're doing all you can to keep the engine running cool. Not us.

While I was picking up the other goodies I had ordered I found out my 3 inch wheel studs had come in as well. These are the exact studs and nuts found on the original GT350 R models to help quick change and safety.

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