Sunday, August 26, 2007


We know just how he felt when he took a deep breath and said, "Stand Back..." Today a few of us gathered at the shop with the film crew to hear Lucky come to life and I must say it was very cool. There was gas fumes, noise, flames all the ingredients it takes to make grown me all giggly. I hadn't noticed until my son pointed it out but as the car is still sitting on the lift waiting for the tires, every time I goosed the engine the entire car moved around on the lift. As we were leaving I could see the car had shifted about 5 inches to one side. I couldn't help but think of Frankenstein and the terror he was about to unleash upon those whom he would come into contact with. Yes, I feel as if we have created a monster.

My son says, "I just love it when my ear drums bleed." Stay tuned folks, soon we will post some video of Lucky making himself heard. Ahhh, music to one's soul.

In the meantime here is some similar video to hold you over so you'll know what to expect... I love the part where he says, "It's a brand new rebuilt carb."

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