Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One thing after another

I have been excited all week hoping my engine would go on the dyno tomorrow (Thursday) however when I spoke to my engine builder today he told me it wouldn't happen until next week. CRAP! Well, it's not like I don't have other things to do so I'll keep plugging way with other parts of the car.

Today I finished installing and fastening the two braided fuel lines that run and from to the engine compartment and the trunk. Then later today I received the FLUIDYNE oil cooler. Even though I don't have the engine I'm excited to get the oil cooler. I have been waiting to mount the oil cooler so that I can install some sort of screen/grill over it before I finish installing the front grill pieces. That should help prevent the radiator or oil cooler from the occasional rock or two should they jump off the roadway.

The FLUIDYNE all-aluminum, furnace-brazed line of engine oil coolers incorporates extruded oval tubes and patented lanced offset oil flow turbulators to create the most efficient coolers "pound-for-pound" in the market today.
The CAB-brazed construction (no epoxy) of the FLUIDYNE Air-to-Oil Coolers was subjected to more than 100,000 hot-oil, high-pressure cycles without failure before the designs were validated. With this performance and durability, it's no wonder FLUIDYNE's Air-to-Oil Oval Tube Engine Oil Coolers are chosen by top racing teams from Winston Cup to the GT-2 LeMans winning GTS-R Team Vipers.

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