Friday, August 17, 2007

Great day to be outside

Today was a beautiful day, so nice in fact I decided to work on the car outside. After I placed an umbrella out by the car I finished up the install of the power steering pump and now all it needs is the hoses and the reservoir to be installed. Before I did that I wanted to plan where a few other things will be fastened that will be effected by the routing of those hoses. Some of those items include the oil cooler lines that run from the engine to the fender-well where they will attach to the remote oil filter and from there go to the engine oil cooler in front of the radiator. Also located in that area will be the two coils and coil splitter that make it possible to run a MSD dual pickup distributor. At the same time I finished the alternator install and pulley alignment and belts.

At the same time that I was figuring out where each part will work most efficiently I made a list of special fittings that I needed to complete the engine oil cooler installation. Then I drove to South San Francisco and picked them up. If all goes well I may have time to begin that project tomorrow.

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