Sunday, August 05, 2007

Does anyone know what time it is?

One very important part of doing well in the La Carrera Panamericana is knowing when to be where. Confusing? Well, not really but it will take some getting used to but Jon and I are quick learners. In the past Jon and I knew to be at three places on time... the driver's meeting, the starting grid and the impound after taking the checkered flag.

But now we have to learn there is more to timing than just drivers meetings and checkered flags. For this race not only will there be be meetings but we will be asked to go like hell from point A to point B and then not get to point C too early or too late and this goes on all day. Being someplace too soon has never been in our vocabulary so we will get some help the best ways we can.

One place we have gone for advice is to a very good friend of ours who we have enjoyed racing with for years. Her name is Tammy Hull and not only is she one of the directors with the National Auto Sports Association (NASA) where we are also directors but in fact Tammy is one of the winners of the famous Targa Newfoundland. Since the Targa is considered to be one of the highest ranked rallies in the world who better to ask for advise than her. Even if she is a girl. ;) Thanks Tammy, we really appreciate all your help.

One thing my team mate Jon pointed out is that if you look at any well prepared rally car more than likely you will find one key piece of equipment as standard equipment..... A TERRATRIP Rally Computer. Since Jon is the navigator and because he has a very good technical awareness of all things electronic he performed all the research for our navigation needs among other chores. The unit Jon ultimately chose is nothing short of the latest and greatest device know to rally racing. (Big tool man grunt Uhh Uhhh Uhhhhh!) It is the NEW TERRATRIP 303 PLUS. This new model has new features, easier data entry, new display indicators and a completely new ergonomic facia design. It also has an optional Remote Display Head that can be switched to show the driver/navigator either speed or interval distance.


Gary said...

I'll never forget the first stage of my first performance rally as a driver. About half way into the stage, the terratrip 303 broke open and the front have fell off the dash. Sandy spent the rest of the stage trying to hold it up and get us back on track with the route book as she missed a couple of reset points.

Gary Faules said...

I had a similar incident happen years ago with my hot lap timer. After that I always had it secured with nylon zip ties.

Gary said...

Or racers tape at the end of a turnaround stage!