Monday, July 21, 2008

Thanks Artemis Images!

The guys over at Artemis Images just notified me that they have been working over-time to get these photos up for us to look at. They apologized for taking so long and said it had to do with some damn mountain. "The mountain can be tricky, as there is very limited connectivity and it has been terrible." These guys run a first class operation with some great photos so be sure and contact them to order yours. That mountain didn't stop them from getting some awesome shots.

First Place; Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes. (La Carrera Veterans)

Second Place; Keith Davidson 1963 Falcon

Third Place; Joel Jantzen 1965 Mustang

Fourth Place; Mike Jones and Doug Coffey 1966 Mustang

Fifth Place; Jess Neal 71 Plymouth

Sixth Place; David Daniels 49 Cadillac

Seventh Place; Douglas Allen 65 Mustang

Eighth Place; David Cooper 51 Chrysler

Ninth Place; Jim Linton 69 Mustang

Tenth Place; Chip Johns 64 Falcon (La Carrera Veteran)

Eleventh Place; Todd Landon and "Geezer" Stewart 67 Mustang

Twelevth Place; Ralph Carungi and Bill Richert 54 Lincoln (La Carrera Veterans)
Coincidentaly Ralph and Bill finished 12th in last years La Carrera Panamericana.

Thirteenth Place; Richard Morrison and Richard Hamlin 58 Mercedes (La Carrera Veterans)

Fourteenth Place; Dean Smith and Ashley Akey 61 Chrysler (La Carrera Veteran)

Fifthteenth Place; Christopher Salyer and Carlile Wiley 54 Corvette (La Carrera Veterans)

The only car that had a DNF was the fast and beautiful 66 Mustang owned by Bob Hill. Sadly Bob crashed near the starting line which resulted in a flat tire and stuck on a bail of hay. Unfortunatly fast and beautiful dosen't win races.

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