Thursday, July 17, 2008

HOLY SHI.......................

I have received a few phone calls with some great stories but the most common statement I am hearing is something like, "OHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDD!!! This is some scary stuff!!!" (and a few other expletives thrown in)

I also heard from Artemis Images, the official PPIHC photographer who said, "We are really looking forward to seeing the Vintage Class run this year. They kind of remind me of the old stock cars that the Unsers ran in the sixties. And yes, we will have lots of photos from practice, qualifying and race day!" Check out his photos... Does this guy know how to get in a great position to shoot or what! He must have some better equipment than my old Brownie.

With the exception of Kevin I haven't seen any on course photos of any La Carrera cars yet but it's obvious the photographer likes shooting Kevin so here are some of his shots. GO KEVIN!

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