Monday, July 14, 2008

How to get high on 97 octane

Gerie ready to take off for Pikes Peak.

I had to laugh when someone asked Gerie to tell them about his Nova. He said, "It's not your mother's Nova!" LOL.

Reports are already coming in about drivers who have either already arrived at or are on their way to Colorado Springs for three days of practice and a day of racing at the PPIHC. How exciting it will be to see a group of La Carrera Panamericana cars lined up to head up "the" hill.

Over the weekend my family and I drove over to Gerie Bledsoe's home in Half Moon Bay to give him a good luck send-off but Gerie's wife told us we had just missed him. (Bummer) But good luck none the less Gerie and all the rest of you La Carrera types as well.

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