Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Started!

The cars have arrived and here is a line-up of the cars running in the La "Carrera/Vintage" class all of whom are classified as rookies. While our La Carrera friends will not be charging up the hill like the above photo it's not to say there will be any less excitment. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! An important change is the re-scheduling of race day. In past years, that was held on Saturday. This year, however, it has been moved to Sunday.

Today was technical inspection day and since I have heard first hand from other friends who have run Pikes Peak in the past I can tell you these guys take tech inspection to a whole new level. I have realized however one thing about La Carrera Panamericana that beats the hell out of Pikes Peak.... During La Carrera at least you can sleep in until 5am. But to get up the hill for this event each day the toll Gate opens to Competitors at 3:30am. Do you have any idea what time that means you have to get up to get ready each morning? For those who think it's easy to take a drive up trhe hill, think again.


1 Allen Douglas Vintage 369 Y 1965 Ford Mustang Aspen, CO
2 Bledsoe Gerie Vintage 395 Y 1963 Chevy Nova Half Moon Bay, CO
3 Carungi, Ralph Richert, Bill Vintage 101 Y 1954 Lincoln Capri Phoenix, AZ
4 Cooper David Vintage 403 Y 1951 Chrysler New Yorker Southlake Tahoe, CA
5 Daniels David Vintage 145 Y 1949 Cadillac Sedanette Minneapolis, MN
6 Davidson Keith Vintage 163 Y 1963 Ford Falcon Golden, CO
7 Hill Bob Vintage 66 Y 1966 Ford M Colorado Springs, , CO
8 Jantzen Joel Vintage 656 Y 1965 Ford Mustang Colorado Springs, CO
9 Johns Chip Vintage 385 Y 1964 Ford Rally Falcon Santa Teresa, NM
10 Jones, Mike Coffey, Doug Vintage 220 Y 1966 Ford Mustang Colorado Springs, CO
11 Landon Todd Vintage 399 Y 1967 Ford Mustang Mound, MN
12 Linton Jim Vintage 816 Y 1969 Ford Mustang Parker, CO
13 Mockett, Douglas Garcia, Angelica Vintage 133 Y 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 Christiansted, St. Croix USVI
14 Morrison, Richard Hamlin, Richard Vintage 422 Y 1958 Mercedes 220S Coupe Salina, KS
15 Neal Jess Vintage 42 Y 1971 Plymouth Cuda Colorado Springs, CO
16 Salyer, Christopher Wiley, Carlile Vintage 106 Y 1954 Chevy Corvette Oklahoma City, OK
17 Smith, Dean Akey, Ashley Vintage 351 Y 1961 Chrysler 300R Las Vegas, NV

Total 17

Here are the the cars from the "Time Attack" class and it's interesting to note the first car is NOT a rookie. This is the class Kevin Jones and Mark Williams are running in. I know my fingers are crossed. How about yours? GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS AND MAKE SURE YOU GET IT RIGHT!


1 Fletcher, Brent Time Attack 4 N 2004 Mitsubishi EVO VIII Thousand Oaks, CA
2 Gerner, Jeff Time Attack 44 Y 1994 Audi S-4 Kansas City, MO
3 Jones, Kevin Williams, Mark Time Attack 43 Y 2005 Subaru WRX Sti South Gate, CA
4 Hine, Kelly Time Attack 25 Y 2006 Nissan 350Z Calabasas, CA
5 Kern, David Kern, Allison Time Attack 9 N 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Centennial, CO
6 Keeney, Melissa Keeney, Vicki Time Attack 69 N 1991 Honda CRX Colorado Springs, CO
7 Millen Rhys Time Attack 6 N 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP Huntington Beach, CA
8 Norman Roger Time Attack 8 Y 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Reno, NV
9 Workum, Peter Time Attack 11 N 2004 Subaru STI Paradise Valley, AZ
10 Scott, Brian Dillon, John Time Attack 96 N 1971 Datsun 240 Z Coupe Pine, AZ

Total 10

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