Saturday, July 12, 2008

Somebody has to stay at home!

Sad but true. It's not the norm for Jon and myself to not be sitting on the starting grid when it matters and being at Pikes Peak on July 15 through the 20th really matters to both of us. It will be with great expectation that we will wait to hear how friends of ours in their Carrera cars do at this historical event. Since this is possibly a once in a lifetime event with regards to La Carrera cars it's not even as if we will be able to run it during a future event. (fingers crossed)

I have been promised that we will be receiving some reports during and after the Pikes Peak event so stay tuned and lets all say some good prayers for our buddies. Last week while I was driving by the Half Moon Bay Airport I saw Gerie Bledsoe talking to some guy holding a very big parachute. Hmmm.

We will be hanging out during the Monterey Historics at the annual Monterey fiesta and corral that will be held at Tarpy’s Restaurant, Saturday August 16, 3:00-6:30 PM which is a very popular Laguna Seca race track hang-out so we hope to see you there. For thoise of you who know who Jack McAfee is there is a very special treat awaiting you should you make it to this event. Jack McAfee,s son, Rex McAfee will be there and will be showing a 15 minute film of his father driving a 49 Cadillac in the 1950 Carrera and finishing 10th. The film was narrated by his father. In later races he drove Porsches and Ferraris and was also famous as one of the first Porsche racers in California. He won a lot of races in a 550. Check out his website HERE.

There is a very good chance we will have a good movie trailer to show at the same time so stay in touch. Jon and I are very excited about showing this publicly for the frist time.

In the mean time I'll just have to hang out in the garage dusting off the dirt.

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Francisco Ortiz said...

Oh,awesome corral at you house!