Thursday, July 24, 2008

C.J. "Chip Johns" Cowboy Up

Thank you to John Coyle at CarDomain for the photos.

Yes sir C.J. "Chip" Johns gets around and if you think he looks unable to keep up with the younger crowd then think again. Chip raced with us in last years La Carrera and he and his entire crew were a lot of fun not to mention a wealth of knowledge due to their veteran status in La Carrera. In a previous post I wrote not only about Chip but also about some of his escapades. If they were not interesting enough I would like to remind those who may have forgotten or didn't know, just six short months ago Chip was hanging out at his cattle ranch down in New Mexico and in the process was directly in the path of a cattle stampede! I kid you not! And in the process he was beaten up pretty good. In Chip's own words he said, "I got stomped by several of my darling cows a week ago Friday. Broke the damn leg in 4 or 5 places crushed the knee cap etc. Am having some reasonably serious surgery tomorrow morning and expect to be in the hospital until wed or so. Then "only three months" on crutch's." It's hard to keep a good man down.

The next thing I know I am looking at his face standing on the top of Pikes Peak having a cold one! Anyone who has ever seen the inside of Chip's beautiful ranch house will know that rock sitting on the front of his car will find a spectacular resting place along with countless other keepsakes.

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