Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Note and photos from a good friend

Richard Morrison and Richard Hamlin 58 Mercedes

Dean Smith and Ashley Akey 61 Chrysler

Stacy and Luca, who raced the 1957 Fiat 600 Abarth with us in the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana made a quick weekend drive from New Mexico in a new 2009 Saab 93 turbo convertible to watch fellow La Carrera Panamericana drivers compete at Pikes Peak. Here are a couple of her favorite photos she was thoughtful enough to send.

One of the things Stacy pointed out with regards to Pikes Peak was something I was totally in agreement with. She wrote, "The thing that was the most disappointing was there was really no place to see the cars or the drivers other than the race time. The Carrera was great how they had the plaza setups where people could walk up to the cars and talk to the crew." Any one of us who took part in La Carrera Panamericana will have to agree hands down there can be no better welcome than the ones in Mexico.

I also learned lots of people got hurt and one woman broke here back. We wish them all a swift recovery and we are really glad that all our friends from La Carrera are safe.

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