Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What me nervous? Naaaa.

As of today it is exactly 30 days until the day I had hoped to test on. There's not much left but it sure would be nice to have another two months to do it in. Yes, I have a safety margin for other test days so it's not like the end of the world however it would be very rewarding to hear Lucky all fired up on the day that I actually wrote in the time-line that I wrote out some time ago.

Besides installing the rest of the navigation equipment (which could be done even after the testing.) I still have some dash work to take care of and test. The overhaul kit will be here in a few days so I can rebuild the toploader transmission. Today I spoke to the engine builder and he is waiting for the carb and the rocker arms so hopefully the engine may be ready in a week or two. (On hands and knees praying.) Then I will bolt in the seats, seat belts and window nets. In the next week or so I plan on installing the redundant fuel pump system and lines to and from the engine and fuel cell. I should be receiving the brake mounting brackets and the new rear end in the next week or so as well. At that time I can install the front brake cooling ducts. Then all I have to do is install the front windshield and take the car back to IMPACT ENGINEERING to have some things addressed and welded. A couple of new sets of wheels should be here this week and the tires can be ordered in another week or so.

After the testing is completed any issues found will be addressed and then the car can be taken to have the racing stripes painted on and the side GT stripes can also be installed. Then I will install the fire system, some horns, navigator's foot rest plate and so on. So as you can see, there's nothing to worry about. Rightttttt.


George Sullivan said...

When Tom is out there he will have some free time and he knows what missed deadlines are so put him to work. The only thing is he can't weld worth a damn. We know what you are feeling right now.

e said...

Gary, remember that number of days is until the race, not when you leave. Knock off about 10 more! Ernie

Gary Faules said...

George, I will make damn sure I don't let Tom near the welder. Based on your remarks about his welding it sounds like he might even have trouble making a grilled cheese sandwich. LOL.

E, It's only 29 days until the test and that's only 3 hours away. My original plans (which I'm still planning on) are to have the car completed at least a month prior to taking off. Hey, it looks great on paper. LOL

George Sullivan said...

Tom is a mechanical engineer and a damn good one knows SU carbs well good driver who just can't weld to save his life. When we cut the holes in the roof of the car to weld the top of the roll cage he suprised me and welded the sheet metal back on one side I looked at it and said looks like we now have a soup bowl on the roof. We made the project of building the Volvo fun in 2 years of working on the car we never argued once. Something went wrong we some how found humor in it.

Gary Faules said...

Your testimony just proves that when two gentlemen have something in common to share, the satisfaction and friendship can be most rewarding. The roof on my Dodge Viper has two large indentations that are designed to help drivers with helmet clearance. Maybe Tom was just utilizing his engineering skills to impress you and got things a little backwards. LOL.